2023 Sponsors

Sponsors are truly the lifeblood of the team’s success and our generous sponsors have taken Team 5099 from novices to finalists in five short years.

They have given our students the chance to learn leadership and teamwork, to exercise their problem-solving skills, and to advance their knowledge in some of the most important fields of study in today’s workplace.

List is currently being updated as more sponsorship comes in.

Platinum Tier

  • Peter J. Degen Charitable Fund
  • Northport – East Northport Public Schools Community
  • AriZona Beverages USA, LLC
  • Plastipack Packaging, Inc

Gold Tier

Silver Tier

  • Bren-Tronics, Inc

Bronze Tier

  • General Fibre Products Corp
  • The Sterling Wealth Group LLC
  • Robert P. Brady Agency
  • Mario’s Pizzeria East Northport
  • Animign Productions, Inc
  • Country Beer and Beverage Barn
  • The Churaman Family
  • The Claps Family
  • The Germani Family
  • Kenneth & Susan Krasniewski
  • The Gorman Family
  • The Belanger Family
  • The Cleary Family
  • The Petry Family

NRBC Members and Supporters

  • Jenny’s Kitchen
  • Chamber Family


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